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Starting this month, June 2022, we’re releasing a series of blog posts that are intended to be practically helpful for leaders, who have a desire (or at least an inkling of one) to help their churches transition on critical topics facing the Church these days. For instance, we’ll be tackling topics like, “How do we practically help churches transition from a view of ‘Inerrancy/The Bible Says It, That Settles It’ to a more nuanced view of the Scriptures that embraces literary, historical, and cultural context while still taking them seriously?” We’ll also be discussing critical transitions regarding women, our LGBTQIA+ siblings, politics, dualistic thinking, etc.

So, we plan to address a different topic once a week for the next several weeks. We hope they’re helpful to you and that they remind you that no matter how isolated you may feel wrestling with some of these issues, you’re not alone.

Look for the first one on Monday, June 6th. 

You can find each of the posts on our Pastors For Normal People Website

Furthermore, make sure to follow one, or all, of our social platforms on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook. We’ll post to each of these platforms when a new blog is released AND we’ll be releasing other new content throughout the Summer.

With you,

The P4NP Team